Unlikely Loves: 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom (Unlikely Friendships)

Unlikely Loves: 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom (Unlikely Friendships)

Jennifer S. Holland

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0761174427

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Unlikely Friendships is the phenomenal New York Times bestseller that’s spent 44 weeks on the list and has 615,000 copies in print. It’s struck a chord with media, from CBS This Morning to USA Today, and Temple Grandin has praised it as “amazing. It shows the power of friendship.” Now its author, Jennifer Holland, who writes about animal relationships with insight, compassion, and a fine narrative touch, explores animal attachments that, in human terms, can only be called love.

Packed with beautiful, breathtaking full-color photographs, Unlikely Loves is a celebration of love between species. Here are stories of parental love, like the Dalmatian who mothers a newborn lamb―a lamb that just happens to be white with black spots! Stories of playful love, including the fox and the hound who become inseparable. And stories of orphaned animals who have found family-like ties in unexpected combinations, like the elephant who’s bonded with sea lions, goats, and other animals in her walks around the Oregon Zoo.

Ms. Holland has interviewed scientists, zoologists, and animal caretakers from around the world, tracking down firsthand sources and eyewitnesses. The stories are written with journalistic integrity and detail―and always filled with the author’s deep affection for her subjects.

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Along, and my dogs come and go, too, so there are many interactions,” she says. But this one was really special, she says. Puggy was immediately drawn to Tabitha, and was soon nuzzling and kissing the pig constantly. She was also very protective of Tabitha—one time biting a visitor who had smacked the pig playfully. “I couldn’t believe it!” Wendy says. “I guess she was saying, Get back! Leave my pig alone! ” Pig and pooch would roll around in the dog bed together, or play-wrestle in the field. As.

The Dolphin and the Sperm Whales..............169 The Boa Constrictor and the Pit Bull.............173 The Black Rhinoceros and the Warthog.........177 The Elephant and the Zoo Friends................183 The Lady, the Tiger, and the German Shepherd.................................189 The Zebra and the Donkey...........................193 The Swan and the Swan Boat.......................199 The Rat and the Kitten.................................203 The Lioness and the.

Sun. For Arthur, there was the added bonus of the dolphins. The way some cats chase moths and others a ball on a string, this cat had a special penchant for big, smooth-headed creatures that popped up like pup- pets from the water, flinging salty water at passersby. Arthur, like the human visitors to the park, just wanted to be near them. “He was a friendly guy, maybe about 15 pounds, definitely the boss among the cats,” says Janie Ferguson, who then ran a photo concession booth at the park and.

Fifty Pence would be seeking a replacement parent. Annette didn’t want the duck to imprint on her—because that would make it hard to later release the animal back into the wild. “But I needn’t have worried,” she says, because, like the dog for the bird, “Fifty Pence only had eyes for Skip.” With the intrigue obviously mutual, Annette finally decided to let the duck out in the yard with her two dogs. “She went right to The Ter r ier a n d t he D u cklin g   |   1 7 Skip—ignoring my other dog,.

Affection! I suppose she was lonely and wanted companionship, and normally she’d have had her mother and siblings. So she turned to Skip. And for some reason, this dog with the instinct to attack decided to be loving instead.” Annette says her plan was, eventually, to take Fifty Pence to a nearby pond where other mallards congregated with hope that the bird would recognize and join her own kind, maybe even find a mate. (Annette had been bringing pond algae to the duck to eat so she’d get used to.

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