The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals

The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals

Jenny Brown

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1583335242

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jonathan Safran Foer meets Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason in a poignant, provocative memoir of  survival, compassion, and awakening to the reality of our food system.

Jenny Brown was ten years old when she lost a leg to bone cancer. Throughout the ordeal, her constant companion was a cat named Boogie. Years later, she would make the connection between her feline friend and the farm animals she ate, acknowledging that most of America’s domesticated animals live on industrialized farms, and are viewed as mere production units. Raised in a conservative Southern Baptist family in Kentucky, Brown had been taught to avoid asking questions. But she found her passion and the courage to speak out.

The Lucky Ones introduces readers to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary which Brown established with her husband in 2004. With a cast of unforgettable survivors, including a fugitive slaughterhouse cow named Kayli; Albie, the three-legged goat; and Quincy, an Easter duckling found abandoned in New York City, The Lucky Ones reveals shocking statistics about the prevalence of animal abuse throughout America’s agribusinesses.  Blending wry humor with unflinching honesty, Brown brings a compelling new voice to the healthy-living movement—and to the vulnerable, voiceless creatures among us.

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The months it took me to even hold my leg down post-amputation, because the blood flow ending abruptly caused throbbing and pain. I also remembered the further weeks it took me to be able to step down with my new artificial leg attached. It hurt like hell. But Albie had had time to heal, and it was time to make it happen. Several days went by with daily sessions of strapping the leg on, getting Albie to put weight on it, then…GO! But he wouldn’t. This was much harder than I ever imagined.

Couldn’t believe in a system like that, no matter what it meant for my past, my family, and my existence. I only wanted to believe in a compassionate God, and that’s exactly what I still do. I have my own personal religion in which God includes animals in “Thou shall not murder” and looks at our mindless consumption of them as not only unnecessary, but, unless there are absolutely no other options, unethical. I am comforted by the idea that if there is an afterlife for us, there has to be one for.

Bedding they need, how to store their food and supplies, what kind of parasite treatments they need, illnesses they face, what their social dynamics are like. Nothing was sugarcoated—it was hard work caring for hundreds of animals. But damn if she didn’t look happy doing it. Then Susie walked us through one of the banes of animal care: the necessary trimming of pig tusks. If you learn nothing else from this book, learn this: PIGS HATE TO BE TETHERED. But when one of them is 1,000 pounds to your.

Delight of both humans and bovines. Though neither of us have deep pockets in our families, our good-hearted friends and family helped us raise enough to finish acres of fencing and buy farm supplies. We couldn’t have asked for anything better—and just in time. Right after our wedding, Susie called. She’d been contacted by Wilderness Ranch, a well-established farm animal sanctuary in Loveland, Colorado. It was closing, and the sanctuary staff was reaching out to find homes or other sanctuaries.

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