The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A True Story of Resilience and Recovery

The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A True Story of Resilience and Recovery

Andrew Westoll

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0547737386

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Astonishing . . . Moving.” —People

The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary is an unflinching, visceral look at the emotional and physical damage—actual, real damage done to specific, individual apes—in some of America’s most notorious biomedical research labs. It is also the story of humans who were driven to provide them with refuge, retirement . . . and, ultimately, their inherent right to dignity.” —Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants

IN THE CANADIAN WILDERNESS, Gloria Grow has created a rehabilitation center like none other. Thirteen chimpanzees, rescued from zoos and medical testing laboratories, now call Fauna Sanctuary home. After decades of cruelty and deprivation, these resilient primates are finally free to eat, sleep, play, and roam in peace—all while fighting their personal demons. Primatologist and author Andrew Westoll lived and worked at Fauna one remarkable summer, and The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary is his poignant testimony to the capacity of these animals to heal—and to learn to be chimps again. This is an absorbing, bighearted story about the species more closely related to us than any other.

“There is plenty of moral outrage in this book, but there is also plenty of wonder . . . Impassioned and well reasoned.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Myself into an awkward crouch, it occurs to me that few animals have ever been so inappropriately named as the magnificent being before me. Binky stares at me, and I stare back. I am immediately, hopelessly entranced. The monkeys in Suriname never looked at me this way (I barely registered in their world), and the only chimps I've seen have been in zoos, where they do everything they can to ignore their human visitors. But Binky holds my gaze. What's more, he returns it. With most primates,.

Seemingly pulled straight from Dostoyevsky, the horse had been spooked by a car—a rare sight back in those days. Dawna's grandfather had laid into the horse with such ferocity that Rudy Grow never forgot it. "Daddy told us that was the worst thing he ever saw in his entire life. And it changed him. Our whole family, we've all been through this. We've rescued animals since day one." *** The next morning, as if Dawna had conjured it with her words, an equestrian catastrophe strikes the farm.

None of the other chimps had "hardcore" written on their files. Apparently, Pablo had suffered even more than all the others. Pablo had the stocky build of a powerlifter and a tense, prickly personality that made it nearly impossible for a human to build a relationship with him. He was, in Gloria's words, "a chimp's chimp," preferring the company of his own species, especially Tom's company, to that of the naked apes who had ravaged him for so long. An ex–lab worker once told Gloria a story that.

Useless or reproducible through other techniques, and the National Research Council deemed mass euthanasia out of the question back in 1997, what should become of them? You may have already guessed the answer: the chimps should go to sanctuary. Using HSUS numbers, if GAPA were passed tomorrow, and all federally owned chimpanzees were retired to sanctuary in 2012, the cost to the American taxpayer to take care of these apes for the rest of their lives would be approximately $88 million. Given.

Tom was lying on his side, still unable to get his breath. Pat rolled him onto his back, straddled his body, and started pumping his chest. Nothing. He leaned in and gave Tom mouth-to-mouth. Nothing. Isabelle went inside, too. She intubated Tommie as quickly as she could, inserting a breathing tube into his neck. Nothing. As Kim watched, she suddenly had a horrible thought. She grabbed the nearest phone but found Cyndi on the line. "Cyndi! Get off the fucking phone! Someone has to call Gloria!".

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