Hounded To Death (A Melanie Travis Mystery)

Hounded To Death (A Melanie Travis Mystery)

Laurien Berenson

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1496700481

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As the dog days of summer turn to the playful nip of autumn's chill, Melanie Travis is ready for a little relaxation. Her Aunt Peg has the perfect solution--a five-day symposium for dog show judges in Pennsylvania's idyllic Pocono Mountains. While Peg and Melanie's sister-in-law Bertie welcome the opportunity to socialize with the dog world's elite, the very pregnant Melanie embraces the chance to simply unwind.

But when renowned judge Charles Evans delivers a keynote address that irritates many of the attendees, the symposium's agenda takes a deadly turn. For later that evening, Charles is found floating face-down in the outdoor hot tub.

With few clues to go on, the police are baffled. But Melanie decides to take matters into her own hands, suspecting that a cold-blooded murderer may lurk among her fellow dog-lovers. . .

"This canine cozy is absorbing enough to delight even cat lovers."
--Publishers Weekly

"The mystery keeps the book rolling along, but it's the entertaining relationships Melanie has with her family that keep the reader involved."
--Romantic Times

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Competition to determine whose dogs were best suited for the purpose for which they’d been produced. That is obviously no longer true. In the show ring, we have retrievers who can’t retrieve, Newfoundlands who’ve never been allowed to swim, and terriers who wouldn’t recognize vermin if it ran between their legs. One by one, the usefulness of our breeds is slipping away. They’re being ruined by what has essentially turned into a canine beauty contest. And that is a damn shame.” The audience—all.

7 “The man’s a jackass,” Tubby pronounced. “Always was, probably always will be. I don’t see why anyone ought to stir themselves to give credence to anything he says.” “I have to admit I was disappointed,” said Marshall. “Charles Evans is such a well known and well respected judge, I expected his speech to be something different, something better than that. But then I thought, here’s a man who knows so much more than we do. Even if his ideas seem somewhat radical, perhaps we owe him the.

Bertie muttered. “Shhh!” I grasped the knob and turned it. “She’ll hear you.” “What will I hear?” asked Aunt Peg. I pulled the door open and there she was, filling the doorway. She was standing with legs braced apart and arms crossed over her chest. She was also looking very pleased with herself. “Nothing,” I said quickly. “What do you have to show us?” Aunt Peg looked past me and frowned. “Bertie, dear, don’t you want to put on some clothing?” “Right away.” Bertie opened another drawer.

Left, he went to meet with her.” “He went to break up with her,” Caroline corrected me. “After that, he would have come back to me.” She was either lying or else missing a few pertinent facts. Because if Alana and Charles had indeed been severing their relationship, they’d been doing so outside, under the stars, in a hot tub. Naked. Not the most likely setting for the scene Caroline had imagined was taking place. “Are we through here?” she said abruptly. “It’s almost time for my seminar. I.

Suddenly red. “That’s going too far. My mother is a kind and gracious woman. She couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with a murder. And if you’re thinking about repeating that nonsense to anyone else, you’ll find yourself speaking to my lawyer next.” I was trying to be reasonable. Really I was. But the man was truly an idiot. What on earth had Aunt Peg ever seen in him? I stood up and walked toward the door. I’d had enough, but I couldn’t resist firing a parting shot. “My aunt thought.

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