Gorilla (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Gorilla (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Ted Gott, Kathryn Weir

Language: English

Pages: 232

ISBN: 178023029X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since coming to international prominence in the mid-nineteenth century when English, French, and American scientists first encountered them, the gorilla’s physical resemblance to humans has struck a deep chord. Gorillas quickly came to dominate evolutionary debates and grew prevalent in literature, art, film, and popular culture—they are the focus of movies such as Congo and the inspiration for the video game character Donkey Kong and DC Comics super villain Gorilla Grodd. In Gorilla, Ted Grott and Kathryn Weir provide a compelling and unsettling account of our relationship with these highly intelligent animals as they fight extinction due to habitat destruction, commercial hunting, and disease.
Gott and Weir describe how early European observations of gorillas in their native Africa were the genesis of literary and artistic representations such as King Kong. At the same time, gorillas became symbolic of sexuality and subconscious, uncontrolled urges, and influenced theories of criminality. It was not until Dian Fossey’s research in the 1960s and 1970s that many misconceptions about the gorilla—especially their violence—were dispelled. A notable history of the gorilla’s influence on our culture and its plight at the hands of humans, Gorilla will appeal to any animal lover wanting to learn more about this noble creature and its uncertain future.

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How: For each of the eighty-five gorillas alive in the United States today, at least five others died while being captured or before they reached a zoo, a sad commentary not only on many collectors, but also on zoos, which for the most part care little how their animals are obtained . . . one reliable authority told me that in about 1948 officials organized the killing of some sixty mountain gorillas near Angumu to obtain eleven infants for zoos. Schaller was appalled by the fact that No zoo.

And coloured by Giancarlo Caracuzzo and Jim Charalampidis. A gorilla hero, Captain Congo, was created by writer Ruth Starke and illustrator Greg Holfeld in Australia, with the first volume published in 2008, Captain Congo and the Crocodile King. The gorilla hero Captain Congo here travels to Abyssinia with his penguin sidekick to find a missing anthropologist. In 2004 Aneurin Wright’s Lex Talionis (Law of Retributive Justice) offered a starkly beautiful new perspective on the gorilla comic,.

Freakish ‘ethnographic’ specimens by science, cinema, and popular culture.32 Initially Cooper had conceived of Kong’s downfall as the result of contact with ‘civilization’. He informed his friend William Burden: Ben Frost, Love/Hate Pre-War, 2002, acrylic on board. When you told me that the two Komodo Dragons you brought back to the Bronx Zoo, where they drew great crowds, were eventually killed by civilization, I immediately thought of doing the same thing with my Giant Gorilla. I had.

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