Fire Bringer

Fire Bringer

David Clement-Davies

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0142408735

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

David Clement-Davies’s first novel was published to great acclaim, including a rave review from Watership Down author richard Adams: “it is a riveting story and deserves to be widely read. it is one of the best anthropomorphic fantasies known to me.”

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Carefully in one another’s slots, leaping now and then to free their thin legs from the deep powder. As they went, Tain could hardly contain his excitement. ‘Just think of it,’ he kept saying. ‘The Great Mountain. Only Starbuck crossed it in winter and now I’m doing it. Oh, what a story this will make. I wonder what we’ll really find on the top.’ This made the others look at each other nervously. The morning and the bright sunshine had done something to dispel their night terrors, but now the.

When it was over he chewed the air for a while as the others looked on, hardly knowing what to say. ‘Where are you going?’ Birrmagnur asked at last. ‘North, into the High Land,’ said Rannoch. ‘I’m looking for a herd that lives near here. Herne’s Herd.’ ‘We’re looking for them,’ interjected Willow. Birrmagnur stopped chewing and eyed Rannoch with interest. ‘Why would you want to find them?’ he asked carefully. ‘That’s a long story too,’ answered Rannoch. ‘Do you know of them?’ ‘Oh yes.’ The.

‘Silence!’ cried Liath once more. ‘I have never heard such a thing. It is because of you and your lies that the stags are restless.’ ‘They are not lies,’ said Rannoch calmly. ‘The river is making your stags sick because of what man puts in it. If you left this place they would be well again.’ ‘Left this place?’ laughed Liath. ’Are you mad? Abandon the ancient duty of the Slave Herd?’ ‘Perhaps Herne’s Herd have been telling you lies,’ said Rannoch quietly. Liath’s eyes opened in amazement.

Colquhar forward they saw in the distance that Sgorr seemed to be talking to something in the grass. ‘Well, why don’t you answer me?’ Sgorr was saying. ‘Speak to me, damn you.’ There came a squeal of pain from the ground. Lying on the earth was a ferret. It was snow white and, being an albino, its little eyes stood out pink in its frightened face. They were glassy now and terrified. The ferret’s fur was stained with blood. ‘Come,’ said Sgorr, ‘it can’t be too difficult. My spies tell me he.

Clausar was so startled that he did just as Urgin told him and soon the reindeer was pulling both the wood and Clausar across the snow. When the old man reached his home he was so grateful that he asked Urgin if there was anything he could do for him in return. ‘Now Urgin told him of the terrible winter and of how the poor calves had had nothing to eat. Clausar, who was more like a reindeer than a human, was very moved and he showed Urgin the barn where all year he had been storing up wheat. He.

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