Finding Australian Birds: A Field Guide to Birding Locations

Finding Australian Birds: A Field Guide to Birding Locations

Tim Dolby

Language: English

Pages: 624

ISBN: 064309766X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the eastern rainforests to central deserts, Australia is home to some 900 species of birds. This book covers over 400 Australian bird watching sites conveniently grouped into the best birding areas, from one end of the country to the other. This includes areas such as Kakadu in the Top End and rocky gorges in the central deserts of the Northern Territory, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, rainforests distributed along the eastern Australian seaboard, some of the world’s tallest forests in Tasmania, the Flinders Ranges and deserts along the iconic Strzelecki and Birdsville Tracks in South Australia, and the Mallee temperate woodlands and spectacular coastlines in both Victoria and south west Western Australia.

Each chapter begins with a brief description of the location, followed by a section on where to find the birds, which describes specific birdwatching sites within the location’s boundaries, and information on accommodation and facilities. The book also provides a comprehensive "Bird Finding Guide", listing all of Australia’s birds with details on their abundance and where exactly to see them.

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Season perched on the road into Gunlom at night. Pine Creek Key species: Hooded Parrot, Gouldian Finch Other species: Red-backed Kingfisher, Grey Falcon, King Quail, Brown Quail, Partridge Pigeon, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Grey (Silver-backed) Butcherbird 26 | Fi n d i n g A u s t r a l i an Banded Fruit-Dove use the gorge at Yurmikmik as a flight corridor in the morning – look for them from the base of the waterfall. Another historic location for White-throated Grasswren is on escarpment to.

Comes in to drink at a water tray near the campground. One of the features of Newhaven is the self-guided driving tours, designed to take visitors around the property. Each has a slightly different feel. Fact sheets for each of these are available at the homestead. Along the Potato Creek Gorge Tour (15 km), the dominant tree species is the Ghost Gum and the area has a good ground cover of Spinifex. Rufous-crowned Emu-wren and Spinifexbird occur in the more extensive areas of Spinifex, while Dusky.

Further reading 579 Useful resources, contacts and birdwatching groups 581 Index of bird common names 585 Index of place names 596 Cont ents iii This page intentionally left blank Acknowledgements We’ve received much assistance from experienced birdwatchers throughout Australia. We are especially grateful to the following people (in alphabetically order) who joined us in the field at various times, provided tips on great birding locations, feedback on chapter drafts or assisted.

Cooler periods in the early morning and early evening. Not only is it safer and more pleasant for the observer, but birds are much more active at these times also. Of course, Australia is a climate of extremes and although the risks of heat and sun exposure should be carefully managed, so too should exposure to cold and wet conditions – for birdwatchers, this especially includes travel in temperate and southern mountain areas and southern ocean pelagic trips. Appropriate preparedness and safe.

Common species include Indian Yellow-nosed, Shy, Campbell, Black-browed and Wandering Albatross, Wedge-tailed, Fleshfooted, Fluttering, Hutton’s, Shorttailed and Sooty Shearwater, Cape, White-headed, Providence and Great-winged Petrel, Southern and Northern Giant-Petrel and Whitefaced and Wilson’s Storm-Petrel. Some of the rarities that have been recorded include Buller’s, Greyheaded, Light-mantled Sooty and N ew So u th Royal Albatross, Buller’s, Great, Streaked and Little Shearwater, and.

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