Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Cl ean

Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Cl ean

Jackson Galaxy, Joel Derfner

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0399163808

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet's hit television show My Cat from Hell, Jackson Galaxy, a.k.a. "Cat Daddy," isn't what you might expect for a cat expert (as The New York Times noted, with his goatee and tattoos, he "looks like a Hells Angel"). Yet Galaxy's ability to connect with even the most troubled felines -- not to mention the stressed-out humans living in their wake -- is awe-inspiring. In this book, Galaxy tells the poignant story of his thirteen-year relationship with a petite gray-and-white short-haired cat named Benny, and gives singular advice for living with, caring for, and loving the feline in your home.

When Benny arrived in his life, Galaxy was a down-and-out rock musician with not too much more going on than a part-time job at an animal shelter and a drug problem. Benny's previous owner brought the cat to the shelter in a cardboard box to give him up. Benny had seen better days --- his pelvis had just been shattered by the wheels of a car -- and his owner insisted he'd been "unbondable" from day one. Nothing could have been further from the truth. An inspiring account of two broken beings who fixed each other, Cat Daddy is laced throughout with Galaxy's amazing "Cat Mojo" advice for understanding what cats need most from us humans in order to live happier, healthier lives.

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Stoicism. I notice a gray spot on his nose and it’s so cute I can’t help laughing. I sense Omni’s suspicion immediately upon eye contact—cats, having a prey response heightened to a fine point, are practitioners of “trust but verify” diplomacy. I once heard a lifetime American ambassador being interviewed about negotiations with the Albanians after the fall of communism. They were so isolated for so many years, so independent of the West, that they had never needed to ask for inclusion in the.

His ass crack on the other. But he sold ice to the Eskimos. He convinced girls that he was Valentino; Christ, he convinced me that he was a musician. The core of his brilliance, like the best con men, was unshakable confidence and skills of manipulation. He was an absolutely astonishing liar. I’ve never met—and I hope never to meet again—anyone else who could flat-out lie, eyeball to eyeball, like him. It was amazing, except I thought somehow I was immune to it. I guess so did everyone else. In.

That not only had he been stealing money from me—not that I had much—running up phone and cable bills with porn in the middle of the night, signing my name to thousands of dollars’ worth of checks, but also that all his stories about his father and the demo and his people in LA had been complete fabrications. I confronted him, had the conversation I had rehearsed endlessly with my therapist, and told him to get out of town or I would have him arrested. By the next morning he was gone. But I was.

Pushed myself to the brink and then had to surrender again, but I’ve done it so many times I can’t even count. In nine years I’ve grabbed that steering wheel back and had to let it go again once a day, sometimes ten times a day, sometimes I go a couple of months without doing it. But I surrender every time, because now I know that it feels good to admit that I can’t control the universe. When I got back to Boulder, deep in the heart of the vulnerable and the surrendered, observations seemed to.

Nobody’s listening.” I didn’t want to accept this. I pictured Phil, his wife, the cats, all doing some happily-ever-after dance, and I decided, just like Phil, that I would make that picture happen, no matter what. I began a food reintroduction plan, and they were doing pretty well. In fact, these cats were two feet away from each other, on opposite sides of the door, and they were doing just fine. But when you opened the door or when they ran out of food, Sugar went to murder Spice. She would.

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