Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals

Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals

Rory Freedman

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0762449543

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Rory Freedman, co-author of the #1 New York Times mega-seller Skinny Bitch, returns with a call-to-arms to all animal lovers.
So many of us call ourselves animal lovers and worship our dogs and cats—but we could be using that love as a force for helping all animals. Beg is a battle cry on their behalf, as well as an inspirational, empowering guide to what we can do to help them. With the same no-nonsense tone that made Skinny Bitch a multi-million copy success, Beg galvanizes us to change our choices and actions, and to love animals in a radical new way.

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Many ways can we injure animals?” For those of you who don’t know what calf roping is: A baby cow no more than three to four months old is released from a chute.111 She runs, terrified, and a psychopath on horseback chases her down. He ropes her, whiles she’s running at full-speed, which sends her flying in the air and off her feet (knocking the wind out of her). Then he slams her to the ground, and ties her legs together. Because he’s being scored on his speed, he does this as fast as he can,.

CONTESTS When these majestic animals aren’t being brutalized for their fins, they’re being brutalized for fun. Because we’re scared of them, sharks have become the bad guys of the ocean. So somehow, it’s become acceptable to have shark tournaments. There are actual fishing contests where the objective is to go out and kill sharks. Whoever kills the biggest shark wins. When did fraternities take over the world? If we stopped for just a moment to consider that these are living, breathing,.

Animals, whom people eat; and damaging all the cooking, bathing, and drinking water.188 Inhalation among workers has been found to cause respiratory cancers, eye damage, ulcerations, swelling, asthmatic bronchitis, irritation to the throat and nose, and holes in the nasal septum.189 Nearby residents who ingest the chromium via food and water suffer from ulcers, kidney and liver problems, stomach issues, and anemia. Skin exposure can cause rashes, sores, and ulcers.190 Incidence of leukemia was.

My radar at all. I ate meat for every single meal, every single day. I was also your average American animal lover. I grew up with a dog and cats and birds. I never realized the disparity between being a so-called animal lover and an ardent meat eater. How could I possibly have made the connection when “meat” is so carefully marketed and packaged as anything but a dead, rotting, decomposing carcass of an animal who’s been slaughtered? When I was a freshman at the University of Maryland, I met.

To your huge hearts and morality. I am so proud of you both. (Mom, bless you and thank you for the gnarly proofreading.) Auntie M, thank you for the constant love and care. Lesley, Tim, and Maya Bailey: I love you dearly. For your life-altering friendship, love, support, help, teachings, and guidance that impacted me and, as a result, this book, thank you: Tracy Silverman-Mednik, Lauren Silverman-Simon, Sue Jakinovich, Christine Santoro, Bernie S., Juan and Ciela, Josh Radnor, Caroline Horton, y.

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